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Supercoach Scoring Revealed

  • Supercoach Scoring Revealed

The AFL's statistics partner, Champion Data has revealed the scoring system behind the ever popular SuperCoach that is run by the Herald Sun. 

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Goal: 8 points
Behind: 1 point
Score assist: 3 points
Intercept contested mark: 8 points
Contested mark: 6 points
Contested possession at ground level: 4.5 points
Intercept possession: 4.5 points
Mark on a lead: 5 points
Uncontested mark: 2 points
Handball received: 1.5 points
Gather: 1.5 points
Free kick: 4 points
Free against: -4 points
50m penalty against: -8.5 points
Effective kick: 4 points
Effective handball: 1.5 points
Ineffective disposal: 0 points
Clanger disposal: -4 points
Tackle: 4 points
Spoil: 2 points
Shepherd: 1.5 points

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