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"I hate Jake Stringer, but through no fault of his own" - Schwarz

  • "I hate Jake Stringer, but through no fault of his own" - Schwarz

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 07: Jake Stringer of the Bulldogs during the round seven AFL match between the Western Bulldogs and the Adelaide Crows at Etihad Stadium on May 7, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

1116 SEN Radio host David Schwarz has been, quite frankly, blatant that he despises Western Bulldogs forward Jake Stringer, but through no fault of his own, but the Channel Seven commentary team.

Schwarz says that the Channel Seven commentary team, consisting of Brian Taylor, Cameron Ling, Luke Darcy and Matthew Richardson has turned Stringer into something that he despises. 

“I hate Jake Stringer. I tell you why I hate him? Because the commentators have made him into something that I despise,” Schwarz said.

“I know (it’s not his fault) and that’s not fair.”

“There was a hell of a lot going on last night, it was so quick but every time he came into picture it was ‘The Package” this and ‘The Package’ that. My kids are going ‘What’s ‘The Package’?”

The former Melbourne champion has pleaded with the Channel Seven commentary team to start focusing on calling the football rather than the in-house jokes that they have created.

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“It is nauseating to sit back and have to listen to them bang on about something that is obviously an in-joke and a part of their repertoire that no one else gives a rat’s clacker about,” Schwarz said.

“Jake Stringer is a good footballer but just call the footy as it is and don’t try and beat it up to something that it’s not.

“Yes he is the package, we get that. After the 11th time a quarter (hearing it), we’re over it. It’s brain-numbingly inept.”

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