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Richmond's biggest fan goes whack on the Tigers

  • Richmond's biggest fan goes whack on the Tigers

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 01: Triple M radio host Mick Molloy reacts in front of Mornington Peninsula cricketing legend Jason Mathers after facing bowling by Australian cricket legend Shane Warne during the Luke Batty Memorial at Tyabb Football Netball Club on December 1, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. In February this year Batty was killed while playing cricket in the nets with his father. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Triple M radio host Mick Molloy is one of Richmond's most passionate fans, and you could make a case that he is the club's number one most passionate fan, but he has had enough!

Speaking on his weekly radio slot on Triple M's Hot Breakfast he said it was your "classic Richmond effort".

Molloy for the first time took his two little boys to the game, where he said, "get used to it boys. These have been coming down the pipe for years"

The normal jovial Molloy is fed up and wants to know the direction of the club going forward.

“It was a classic Richmond effort. It was pretty insipid, didn’t go anywhere. Capitulated late. There was just no hope, no light, no chance that you were ever going to win."

“They never deviated from the game plan which is a load of shite. Which is just chip around very slow, move it sideways.”

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“I would hate to be a key forward at Richmond because it takes that long to move the ball down the ground that you are absolutely swamped by the time it gets there.”

He also added that the only reason why they've played so bad is that there is a "major seismic overhaul" happening at the club.

“The only excuse could be, if they are working away at some major seismic overhaul of the club. Because if nothing much occurs, if they rearrange a couple of the deckchairs on the Titanic and we all end up in the same position next year I’m going to go mad.”

“I’d like to hear something from the club. A mission statement about where we are at… Just tell us where we are.”

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