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AFL changes draft set-up after one year

  • AFL changes draft set-up after one year

    ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 24: The top three draft pics Joshua Schache of the Brisbane Lions (L), Jacob Weitering of the Carlton Football Club and Callum Mills of the Sydney Swans pose for a photo during the 2015 AFL Draft at The Adelaide Convention Centre on November 24, 2015 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

The AFL is set to change their draft set-up yet again this season with recruiters set to return to the room where the draft is taking place. 

Recruiters and their teams were separated and placed in booths away from the stage as the new father/son and academy point system took place for the first time.

The 2015 draft copped mountains of criticism after the event took nearly three hours to complete where in previous years, the draft was completed inside 90 minuets. 

Last year, AFL coaches read out their first round picks before AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan continued to read each one out individually, whereas in previous years, recruiters would read out a players ID number and their name in a quick and seamless process. 

This year's draft in Sydney is set to revert back to traditional circumstances.

The AFL is also keen to spice up its draft system, with the ability to trade draft picks during draft night, much like what happens in the NBA. 

That system could be introduced to the AFL as early as next year, however the AFL does not want to have listed players included in the trades during draft night. 

The rookie list is also a chance to be disbanded at the end of the season which would open up opportunities to structure a team's list. 

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